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Australia-Indonesia Museums (AIM) Project Returns in 2024!

Winda Saputri (Winda)

Mulawarman Museum, East Kalimantan

Winda is the Technical Conservator at the Mulawarman Museum, East Kalimantan. Winda's passion for archaeology is based on her interest in fairy tales and legends from various regions in Indonesia. After graduating, she worked as an assistant curator at a museum in Yogyakarta in 2017 and later joined the Mulawarman Museum. Winda's daily duties include maintaining and caring for the collections and storage room. In addition, Winda is also involved in various research activities and exhibition preparation. One of the studies she conducted was on 'The Legacy of the Paser Sultanate' and the (Dayak) temporary exhibition: 'The Native People of Borneo'.

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