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About the AIM Project

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Develop new approaches to object interpretation through workshops, discussions and co-curation of an exhibition 

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Support long-term partnerships between Indonesian and Australian museum professionals and their institutions

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Generate new stories about connections between people and places in Australia and Indonesia

Traditionally, exhibitions have been conceived within a national frame of reference. However, more recent approaches address the challenges of decolonisation and stress trans-national connections and movement.

Through a process of co-curation with practitioners and academics in Australia and Indonesia, the AIM Project will develop new approaches to understanding how these often-difficult histories are collected and displayed and will result in a prototype for understanding the cross-cultural significance of objects and how they are interpreted.

The AIM Project will do this through a series of facilitated workshops, and ongoing mentoring and knowledge exchange, resulting in an online exhibition of 15 objects that will act as exemplars of the collaborative approach. 

Funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) through Australia-Indonesia Institute (AII) and the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, the AIM Project will be led by Deakin University's Cultural Heritage Asia-Pacific Group in collaboration with the Museum Nasional Indonesia, the Western Australian Museum (WAM), the Southeast Asia Museum Services (SEAMS), and a number of partner museums in Indonesia.

Partner institutions
Activities and key dates

The online launch event will bring together all the different stakeholders to discuss the project implementation and themes for developing the co-curated exhibition.  

19-20 August 2021

Significance Workshop

This workshop will focus on applying the Significance 2.0 methodology for understanding and communicating the values of museum objects. Participants will work directly with objects from the National Museum collection. 

August-December 2021

Regional Workshops

Six (6) online regional workshops will be held at the local museums across Indonesia (Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surakarta, Bandung, Makassar, Aceh). This workshop will focus on applying the Significance 2.0 methodology for understanding and communicating the values of museum objects.

25-26 October 2021

Interpretation Workshop

At the Interpretation Workshop, participants will develop preliminary interpretation for their selected objects based on the results of the significance assessment. This will include training on developing engaging thematic and label text for museum objects. 

July 2021- April 2022

Exhibition Content Development 


Online mentoring and discussion will take place through a specially developed online learning site. The project team will select objects which have demonstrated potential for articulating the links between Australia and Indonesia to be featured in the online exhibition. 

May-June 2022

Online Exhibition

From May- June 2022, the Western Australian Museum, in close collaboration with the National Museum of Indonesia, will lead the development of the online exhibition. 15 objects will be showcased in this online exhibition which exemplify the co-curatorial approach.

Key Dates
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