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Australia-Indonesia Museums (AIM) Project Returns in 2024!

Theo Nugraha (Theo)

Samarinda City Museum, East Kalimantan

Theo is a curator of the Samarinda City Museum. Born in 1992 in Samarinda, Theo is also an artist, especially in audio engineering. He has been a part of the Indonesian experimental sound scene since 2013. His discography contains nearly 200 releases. He is the co-founder of the HEX Foundation and one of the initiators of Extended.Asia, an online platform for sound and visual artists. In addition, he is part of, a platform that focuses on sound experimentation. Theo is also active in a visual experimentation group with Milisifilem Collective, performance art at 69 Performance Club, and is the editor of EXT.ASI.PLAY (

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