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Australia-Indonesia Museums (AIM) Project Returns in 2024!

Scholastica Rania A (Rania)

House Of Huang (Oei) Museum, Lasem

Rania has an educational background in management. Since 2018, she has been active as a volunteer and public relations officer in various student projects. After graduating, Rania worked as an assistant curator at the Roemah Oei Museum in Lasem. Rania's favourite collection is a laced encim kebaya (a particular style of kebaya outfit) with silver buttons. On each button, there is a photo of a family member of the owner of the kebaya. Besides being the result of acculturation of many cultures, encim kebaya has also become one of the identities of Peranakan women in Indonesia. Although there are many kebayas with various colours and embroidery motifs, this particular kebaya steals her attention because of its simplicity and reflection of the role of a mother in the family.

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