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Australia-Indonesia Museums (AIM) Project Returns in 2024!

Nusi Lisabilla Estudiantin (Nusi)

National Museum of Indonesia, Jakarta

Nusi has been working at the National Museum of Indonesia since 1999. Her positions since then includes being a curator, educator and exhibition designer. Since early 2021, Nusi has been serving in the Public Program Production Working Group, while still pursuing her research on Jap Kunst collection at the National Museum which she has been involved in since 2005. Nusi is particularly interested in the study of colonial history, particularly about repatriation. Nusi is an alumnus of the 'Capacity building in the Indonesian Museum Sector' program from Deakin University, Australia. She has extensive experience in conducting over 30 exhibitions in Indonesia and abroad. One of them and the most memorable for Nusi was when she (and Peter Carey) were appointed to become curators of the 'Pamor Sang Pangeran' exhibition in 2020. It was challenging because the exhibition was held offline in the midst of a pandemic, and the enthusiasm from the community of this exhibition was quite high.

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