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Australia-Indonesia Museums (AIM) Project Returns in 2024!

Agustinus Wisnu Kristiyanto (Wisnu)

Sonobudoyo Museum, Yogyakarta

Wisnu is the Collection, Conservation and Documentation Section staff at the Sonobudoyo Museum, Yogyakarta, since 2014. Wisnu holds a Masters in Archeology (Museology) from Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. Wisnu has been involved in several exhibition projects ranging from local exhibitions and temporary exhibitions which are regularly held every year, and national exhibitions, for example, the exhibition of traditional Indonesian musical instruments entitled 'Tetabuhan Nusaraya Voices Diverse Collectivity' (2017). For him, the most exciting part in preparing for an exhibition is the process itself – how an idea can be translated into exhibition layouts and conveyed to exhibition visitors. In 2016, Wisnu participated in a Program organized by Deakin University and an Australian Award Fellowship (AAF) entitled 'Capacity building in the Indonesian Museum Sector', which inspired him in taking further study in museology for his master's studies.

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